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An open gateway to commercial flexibility

Rezi Enterprise is a sales and lettings SaaS platform with an open API that offers an instant gateway into cross-organisational systems and external IT solutions. Seamlessly connecting your branch network and business infrastructure, its ability to also quickly integrate with external opportunities gives you the flexibility to maintain your lead in an evolving market.
As well as enabling accelerated growth through acquisition, Rezi’s workflows can be tailored around business processes to increase productivity. Management can make informed decisions using a range of reporting tools that transform internal data into business intelligence, and data security and storage can be managed through the cloud and backed with geo-redundancy or in-house.

Business agility

Fully customisable

An open API allows customisation of the Rezi engine into a bespoke system

Secure cloud benefits

Store and analyse data, receive live s/w updates, benefit from geo-redundancy

Bespoke business processes

An unrivalled workflow engine means the only limitation is your own creativity

Strategic expansion

Whether it’s building your own online offering or delivering complementary services, Rezi enterprise’s open API allows you to quickly integrate your business solutions into a seamless offering that meets market needs. The Rezi difference reduces the time and limitations of working within software provider protocols and opens a gateway to wholly control your organisational direction.
Data is stored on either a private system in our cloud or within your own cluster to further reduce total cost of ownership. You will always have access to the raw data and have the additional benefits of immediate software updates and our geo-redundancy backup. It is also possible to store your data on your own in-house internal servers.

A single efficient enterprise

Centralised data

Central database eliminates duplication, customisable workflows automates tasks

Data control

Configure user permissions and lock down fields for full control

Business intelligence

Reporting tools provide detailed business and market analysis

Return on investment

Rezi’s open API coupled with bespoke workflows allows you to quickly merge acquisitions into a single efficient enterprise whilst supporting regional brands or branch network nuances.
As a single database of centralised contacts, it eliminates duplication and ensures live data sits reliably and securely across multiple offices and disciplines. This not only gives you a holistic view of your business, it allows sales and lettings to work closely together and is a powerful source for business intelligence and cross opportunities.

Competitive advantage

Increase organisational productivity

Limit withdrawal rates

Drive customer acquisition

Customer acquisition, conversion, and retention

Rezi enterprise’s open API coupled with bespoke workflows and a high level of functionality will help to improve productivity across your business. In addition to automating many daily tasks, it offers a number of ways to increase team coordination and mobility. Elastic search, centralised diary and the ability to fully integrate with Outlook or other applications, mean your agents can be fully productive even when they’re on the road.
Because Rezi has been designed to improve efficiencies for staff and to provide a fluid customer experience, your withdrawal rates will be reduced and time increased for new business . Its central source of client contacts make it easy to slice and dice data for reporting or grouping it into sets for marketing purposes whilst call lists and call centre functionality offer a practical way to deliver on it.

Software that lasts a lifetime

Integrate with any system, adapt it to your needs, and stay ahead with instant updates.

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