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Cloud based estate agency software

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Discover Rezi

Intuitive, intelligent, instinctive, Rezi

Connect branch networks and highlight business opportunities

Automated processes

Powerful workflows enable you to maximise all business opportunities

Connect branches

Flexible client, property and staff visibility across all branches offers total control

In-depth reporting

A full suite of performance and MI reports for visibility across all areas of the business

Control your business and drive performance

Centralised data

Central database elimates duplication, customisable workflows automate tasks

Mobile productivity

Access and analyse live data on the move with fully integrated diary & email sync

Data control

Configure user permissions and lock down fields for full control

Meet multi branch needs

As a single database of centralised client contacts, Rezi eliminates duplication and ensures live data sits reliably and securely across multiple offices and disciplines. Combined with intelligent reporting tools, this not only allows sales and lettings to work more closely together, it gives a holistic view of the whole of your business and highlights cross opportunities.
For day to day efficiencies, Rezi’s customisable workflows allow us to mirror your centralised business processes whilst meeting the nuances and needs of individual branches. In addition to automating many daily tasks, Rezi helps to increase team coordination and mobile productivity with features such as Live diary and email sync on any device.

Gain competitive advantage

Increase efficiencies

Map customisable workflows to centralised business processes and automate tasks

Retain customers

Automated processes and a fluid customer experience reduce withdrawal rates

Grow market share

Intelligently identify prospects for effective canvassing

Accelerate growth

Providing improved efficiencies for staff and a fluid customer experience to reduce withdrawal rates, Rezi Premium increases the time available to win new business. Slicing and dicing data for reporting or grouping it into sets for marketing purposes will maximise competitive advantage.
Yet, what makes Rezi stand out is that it has been designed to be a customisable platform that allows you to easily connect to third party apps and services within the Marketplace to accelerate business growth.

110 expert employees dedicated to every client’s success

Specialist data migration

Dedicated account managers

Intuitive support features

Benefit from our extended team

A technically inspiring product is important but we believe superb customer service is what brings it to life. It is our investment in people that sets us apart from those after a quick sale and no follow up. This customer centric approach has allowed us to build trust in the property market so estate agencies not only stay with us, they grow with us.
New customers are on-boarded with precision by our dedicated data migration team before receiving as little or as much help as they need from our specialist team of trainers. Then, as a valued partner, customers benefit from dedicated account managers, a tailored approach, and lots of intuitive support features so the rapidly maximise the power of Rezi.

Software that lasts a lifetime

Integrate with any system, adapt it to you needs, and stay ahead with instant updates for free

Tailor Rezi to your needs

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