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Cloud based sales and lettings software

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Discover Rezi

Intuitive, intelligent, instinctive, Rezi

Control and grow your business

Easy to use

Developed with UX experts, Rezi Pro is built with the user experience at its heart

Time saving features

Built in automated processes, live property portal and website uploads

Live diary & email sync

Fully connected on any device, diary and email client at anytime

Maximise engagement and increase profits

Natural conversation

Personalised log in and quick registration mirroring conversations with customers

Customer friendly view

Hide sensitive client information in one click to convert into a presentation tool

Intelligent matching

Automatically promote properties just outside of wishlists to broaden search

Win customers

Rezi Pro has been designed to capture and hold your customers’ interest as soon as they walk through the door. In one click, sensitive information is hidden to display a digital brochure.
You can build particulars using customisable templates and instantly upload new properties to portals and websites.These are intelligently matched and flagged so house hunters can access and build their shortlist using a website login. Customers have access to any movement, updates or notes on their property via an integrated sales progression.

Streamline and simplify

Centralised functionality

Eliminate duplication with secure live data across multiple offices and disciplines

Mobile productivity

Never miss an opportunity with instant access at any time and from any where

Automated processes

Popular business processes are automated to save time and reduce admin

Measure success

Built to ensure duplication does not occur, you will have a single view of clients across your branch network and disciplines. As well as being more efficient, this allows you to group data into informative staff or market reports and to tailor marketing activity, which you can manage through the call lists and call centre functionality.
For day to day performance, the workflow library allows you to automate popular business processes to effectively manage existing clients and reduce admin. Additionally, staff are able to set up appointments though the centralised calendar, access Rezi Pro on the road and connect to each other through Live Chat.

110 expert employees dedicated to every client’s success

Specialist data migration

Dedicated account managers

Intuitive support features

Benefit from our extended team

A technically inspiring product is important but we believe superb customer service is what brings it to life. It is our investment in people that sets us apart from those after a quick sale and no follow up. This customer centric approach has allowed us to build trust in the property market so estate agencies not only stay with us, they grow with us.
New customers are on-boarded with precision by our dedicated data migration team before receiving as little or as much help as they need from our specialist team of trainers. Then, as a valued partner, customers benefit from dedicated account managers, a tailored approach, and lots of intuitive support features so they rapidly maximise the power of Rezi.

Software that lasts a lifetime

Integrate with any system, adapt it to your needs, and stay ahead with instant updates

Tailor Rezi to your needs

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