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Cloud For Estate Agents

Thursday, June 4th, 2015


In the last 15 years we have exponentially grown our loyal customer base of estate agents by releasing technical innovations that keep them ahead of the game.  It is a matter of earning trust. As a privately owned company we are able swiftly react to market needs rather than please multiple stakeholders. So, we haven’t had to achieve fast growth through acquisition, and we don’t juggle competing sub-brands and cost centres.


Instead we have maintained our leading position by delivering well-funded Cloud technologies for estate agents, and have underpinned them with a robust partnership programme to add value.  Subsequently, we are the most widely used independent software provider in the UK with more than 1500 estate agency branches benefitting from our customer centric approach and proven technologies.



It is not news that the property market has accelerated in the last ten years as customers have adapted to the housing boom and countered its inevitable fall.  But perhaps it is surprising that the majority of technology available for estate agents simply hasn’t kept pace with the 24/7 service and use of consumer technologies expected by house hunters.


Most vendors have responded to this by offering Cloud-based versions of their existing software. Though they don’t offer instant technical updates and other benefits of true Cloud, these hosted solutions do suit some estate agents’ need for a hybrid product.  Some are simply comfortable with the tried, tested and proven Dezrezone or similar, and will happily wait until Cloud moves on from being a buzzword and into mainstream estate agencies.


Yet, perhaps we attract a number of early adopters due to our reputation for technical innovation.  We’ve been inundated with interest in our Cloud offering, or to be precise our Software as a Service (SaaS) web application, Rezi.  It is a completely new technology for the property market and we had to start from scratch, reinvesting £2.7 million this year alone.  But our customers gave us a challenge.  Shake up vendor lethargy and transform how we use software to save time and maintain competitive edge.


We listened and we had to deliver. What exactly? A product that wraps an elegant interface around a powerful core, Rezi is feature rich and provides all the benefits of true Cloud. But it is the open API that makes it spectacular.  Imagine a beautiful product that easily and seamlessly connects to existing technology and offers the ability to tailor how it works around business processes. Then customise it to suit a unique set of needs through an ecosystem of third party apps and national or regional services diligently chosen for their proven value.


This is what Rezi allows estate agents to do. It is a product that grows as they do, from one branch to twenty to one-hundred or more. A product that flexes around an unpredictable market and changing needs, whilst reducing the total cost of ownership over time. Yet, what makes Rezi formidable is the control an open API gives agencies to release the power already contained within their business and to accelerate it with complementary technologies and services.

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It is our ability to help estate agencies accelerate that has allowed us to maintain a leading position in the market.  A technically inspiring product is important, but it needs to be combined with high-end customer service, and it is this that sets us apart from those after a quick sale.  This customer centric approach has allowed us to build trust in the property market, and estate agents not only stay with us but grow with us.


New customers are on-boarded with precision by our dedicated data migration team before receiving as little or as much help as they need from our specialist team of trainers.  Then, as a valued partner, customers benefit from dedicated account managers, a tailored approach, reporting features and lots of intuitive online support features so they rapidly maximise the power of our technologies.


We pride ourselves on being technical experts. So if you are unsure whether a hybrid or full Cloud product best suits your needs, please call us for a non-committal chat on 0845 465 22 22. Or if your appetite has been wet, you can enquire about Rezi on the same number, email or visit 



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