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The Covert Habits of Estate Agents

Monday, June 29th, 2015

estate-agentFast talking, serpent tongued misnomer

Following last month’s foray into analytics heaven, we tipped ourselves back in with a view to unveil the murky workings of an estate agents mind.  You can’t imagine the disappointment.  Far from playing the fast talking, serpent tongued, stereo-type portrayed by the media; your average estate agent is well-read, well-travelled, and some are even politically driven.

So when your customers have mentally prepared themselves to battle with the devil it must be very disconcerting to be confronted by such normality. Can it be trusted or is it simply a clever ruse, one might ask? We don’t want to comment either way, but we did notice 666 estate agents worked through the May 4th bank holiday. Fair enough; 659 worked on the 25th but we’re assuming you’re onto our statistical study and trying to muddy the waters.


 downloadStereotype outdated

Of course, stats are open to interpretation. That’s why they’re so much fun. But what can’t be argued with is that Google casts its beady eyes on all of us. And, this month, it found that estate agents using Dezrez are rather intellectual. Their top hobbies in order of preference read: news, travel, films and TV, technology, sport, home décor, and politics. Who knew?

It strikes us that the stereotypical estate agent of the past is, well just that; past. And, with competition from online agencies growing, now is the time to highlight the peace of mind and value an intelligent and experienced estate agent brings to one of the most stressful things in life; buying or selling a home.  Far from being a shark, estate agents are better represented as a life buoy… or is that taking it a bit too far?


Female agents go rogue

Warming to the theme, we thought if online agencies are personality-less we’d construct a profile of the average estate agent; after they’ve clocked off work.  The Google algorithms show men outflank women in droves when it comes to actively spending time online researching, purchasing or partaking in a hobby. Whether that means our female Dezrez customers are busy in work *and* busy at home or, they simply enjoy a more active social life than their male counterparts, remains to be seen.  We don’t want to start a gender war, but we’d love to get to the bottom of this and uncover the rogue activities of female agents.


imagesIntellectually stimulated

When we extrapolating data to fill in the blanks we did wonder if the agent’s innate need to out-wit mere mortals was the reason a huge 31% of Dezrez users avidly digest the news. Not all, but a significant number were male and aged between 45-55 years old.  Maybe men of this generation use topical conversation prompts and women use emotional intelligence to connect, or perhaps they are simply the most intellectually stimulated. We can’t know but it might be fun to start a debate…


 The ‘thinking classes’

Interestingly, both male and female estate agents under 35 are more likely to consume political news than any other audience segment.  Our guess is that they are part of the ‘thinking class’ who are well-read and well-travelled.  They certainly use the internet more than other Dezrez estate agents to research and book top destination holidays. We’re curious to know if this is part of the greater trend to enjoy the early years of marriage and start a family later, or if the stats merely indicate younger agents are tech savvy.


Always onimages (1)

Lastly, we noted the estate agents never seem to fully turn-off, even when they have downtime.  So the 22% of our customers who relax by watching a film or TV or researching and playing with technology, we think may be catching up on work too. 64% of this group were men, which does leave the question; what do our rogue female estate agents do of an evening exactly? They are barely represented in the 9% of sports fanatics, and since men and women evenly share the 8.5% interest in home décor; that’s a lot of time unaccounted for…

If you’d like to know more fun random facts, drop us a line or post a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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