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The Covert Habits of Estate Agents

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

property-agency-training---professional-estate-and-letting-agency-trainingThe Covert Habits of Estate Agents

Following last month’s revelation that estate agents are less masters of equivocation and more hardworking purveyors of benevolence, we decided to pursue the theme.  What could our analytics unveil about motivations?  Specifically, is estate agency a vocation or does it lean more to the stereotype, attracting cynical charlatans eager for a cash injection into a better lifestyle and an early exit from the rat race?

To that end, we have focused this month on our estate agent customers who are over 50, digging a little deeper into those working past the age of 65.  Whilst we delve into our stats for a little fun, we are increasingly surprised by the results!


news6Silver hairs outfox national averages

Well, it appears Dezrez estate agents work just as hard in their twilight years as the rest of the UK workforce. 30% of people employed in the UK are over 50 whereas our stats suggest that 31.5% of our estate agents are in this bracket. They are no slouches.  Morning larks; they are highly experienced and disciplined with two thirds clocking off at 5pm and the majority of the rest by 6pm.


Honing skills and knowledge over decades

Not only do more estate agents work into their 50s than the national average, it seems property professionals buck the trend elsewhere. Whilst the gender distribution of the over 50s in UK employment favours men, 54% of our estate agents aged 50 and above are women.  But the facts don’t stop there.

Adding weight to our anti-stereotype crusade is the hefty 89.9% of the UK population who put their feet-up when they reach 65.  Not so, our silver foxed agents, or should I say vixens?  With skills and knowledge honed over decades, 7.5% of you wizened lot stick around post-retirement to bring property joy to your customers. Seen as pillars in your community and assets to your business, 53% of you are the more nurturing of our species, women.


Retirement comes earlier for Northerners

When it comes to regional attitudes to the 65-year cut-off, we couldn’t determine if those north of Birmingham had just ‘done their time’ or held no truck with ‘newfangled technology’.  Our stats show that we have a fairly even split of customers across the country, so maybe the northern regions prefer to leave data entry to younger colleagues. Or maybe, they have more steadfast views on enjoying retirement than their southern counterparts. It would seem so, as the over 50s group is well represented upwards from Birmingham to Glasgow before dramatically dropping off at 65.


222635-home-repair-logo-clip-artInterest in property a life long passion

You may remember last month we looked into the leading interests of estate agents and uncovered a rather intellectual list of hobbies: the news, travel, films and TV, technology, sport, home décor, and politics.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the nature of their job, our estate agents aged 65 and over showed the highest level of interest in home décor and the news. Which leads us back nicely to our original question; is estate agency a vocation? It appears that property is a lifelong passion that never fades even after retirement.  After all, where better to read a paper than in a newly appointed living room? The work never stops!


If you’d like to know more fun random facts, drop us a line or post a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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