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The Covert Habits of Estate Agents

Monday, June 1st, 2015

The curious anomaly of northern estate agents and Londoners who never sleep…

This month we thought we’d have some fun and share the results of a statistical analysis of Dezrez users. Most of our findings confirm that estate agents are fairly consistent.  But what makes the north of England so very different to the rest of the UK, and why are Londoners working during the hours of mid-night and four in the morning?


8% increase in Dezrez activity post-election

Originally, we planned on dipping into some analytics to see if there was an increase in housing activity recorded on Dezrez following the election. There was.  Post May 7th 2015 we saw a sustained 8% hike in activity. Given all the hype, perhaps there’s no surprise there… But when faced by a sea of numbers; we noticed an anomaly, and then another, and another…


Parity for male and female estate agents… unless your life is in a northern town

Across the Umale-femaleK there was no difference between the number of female and male users of Dezrez. This was very pleasing, though in the name of total transparency, men eclipsed women by 1%. It remained so across the south and up into the midlands, where 2% more men than women used Dezrez last month. Yet, as soon as we tip into the north of England, this figure jumps to a whopping 74% and holds, give or take a percentage or two across most cities and towns.


We dug deeper. If you are aged 35-44 and working in the north, you are likely to use Dezrez a third less than any other user. Yet, across the rest of the UK there was an even split across people aged 25-64 before Dezrez usage dips to just 6% for people 65 or older. Why is this? Do male estate agents really outflank females by three-quarters in the north and why the curious black-spot for those in their middle years? Is this a peculiarity of Dezrez users or northern estate agents in general?  We’d love to hear your thoughts…


London has its oddities too


Traditionally ‘hump day’ for most workers, Wednesday was by far the most active for all Dezrez users, closely followed by Thursday. On average 32,000 estate agents were online daily midweek, compared to just 2000 users on a Sunday.  Whilst it may come as no surprise that the busiest times for Dezrez were between the hours of 9am and 10am, we were quite shocked that 2069 estate agents were still active from nine o’clock at night until 5am.  More worrying, 438 of Londoners work from midnight until four in the morning. Is it really the city that never sleeps, and why was it only men using Dezrez between the hours of 12-1am and 3am–4am…?


If you’d like to know more fun random facts, drop us a line or post a comment. We’d love to hear from you.

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