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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Why develop with Agile?

Agile development philosophy supports the concept of early and regular software releases. Working in short sharp sprints, Agile teams can change direction quickly in response to their customers feedback and feature requirements. At Dezrez HQ the Rezi team work in 2 week sprints ensuring we can deliver new features regularly and in response to our customer wants.

One key principle of Agile development is quality. One measure of quality is testing the product throughout the development lifecycle and not just at the point of release. At Dezrez this enables us to continuously review Rezi as it is developed and allows the team to make adjustments if necessary and gives us early sight of any quality issues.

Agile encourages user involvement throughout. Whether UX testing of designs, UAT testing of freshly released features the importance of having engagement with real users is crucial. Agile is a collaborative approach, allowing stakeholders to have clear visibility of development progress and of the product itself.


Business Value
By allowing the user to determine the priority of features, the development team understands what’s most important to the user’s business, and can deliver features in the most valuable order. This is why Agile helps us engage with our users.

Risk Management
Working towards small regular feature releases helps to eradicate risk. Problems can be identified early allowing for quick response to change. Having user feedback throughout the life cycle helps identify issues and allows for time to make a difference to the result.

Agile development accepts change. In fact it is pretty much a given. Time scale is fixed but the priority of feature requirements change as the product is developed. It is essential to have actively involved stakeholder who understands this concept and the product you are building!

Business Engagement/Customer Satisfaction
The active involvement of users or a representative for the users ensures high visibility of the progress of the product development. Having the flexibility to change when change is needed creates much better business engagement and customer satisfaction.

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