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The Dezrez Approach

Friday, April 10th, 2015

Our Approach to Design at Dezrez

When the decision was made to build Rezi, we knew that we wanted to design a product that would give exceptional user experience, a product that our agents enjoy using every day. Think Apple; think about how they put so much into the user experience of their products. We have adopted that culture.


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Those of you that use social media do so because it is easy! The user experience is good, you are rewarded for selling and buying, can connect with friends, use ‘likes’ and tell the world what you are up to at the click of a few buttons. Imagine software that you use every day giving you that exact experience? That is Rezi.




We are injecting elements of ‘gamification’ into the software; negotiators can demonstrate their properties to clients using a beautifully designed applicant facing tool. Whether using desktop, flat screen or iPad, customers can browse through your property stock, view walk through videos, read room descriptions, browse images and floorplans. Your clients can decide whether they ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ properties making mail outs easy and simple.


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Testing our designs We live in a world of choice yet ironically as humans we generally want fewer choices. We want less complexity, so, we have heavily invested in our approach to the design of Rezi. With over 15 years knowledge of building sales and lettings software for estate agents we think we know what agents want from software, after all, a large proportion of the Dezrez team have previously worked in Estate Agency. 6

However, the mistake made by many product teams is building technology for what they believe the user would want rather than what the actual end user needs.  This is exactly what we wanted to avoid. We wanted to put Estate Agents back in the driving seat! And that’s exactly what we are doing. We invested in User focused design and spent many months putting our early designs in front of agents across the UK.




Of course we didn’t have these skills in house to start, so we looked for some guidance and have spent the last 18 months working and learning from Mace & Menter, a Bristol based company that specialise in Evidence based digital design and UX. Mace & Menter have helped us to design with the user in mind, they have taught us how to test our designs and the feedback has been incredible.




To date we have tested with over 80 agents from Directors, to branch managers, negotiators and part time weekend staff and from this research we have been able to gauge what users need.

We want to give our agents a product that is flexible, customisable, and an environment in which we can add to quickly, efficiently and of course give the users exactly what they want. We want to put you the Estate Agent in the driving seat and allow you to guide us with your requirements that will shape the future of Rezi. Accessed anywhere and anytime, Rezi will be fast, mobile, reliable, responsive, secure, and functionally rich and a user experience our agents will love.

Freya Davies Rezi Product Owner





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