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Dezrez Website of the Month for March

Friday, April 10th, 2015

March’s website of the month is Chris John & Partners, with their new site created by Core.

When visiting the site you are greeted with professional fade in transitions of the logo and property search area while viewing a beautiful background image. The layout is spacious and flat so as not to distract or confuse potential property seekers from discovering their desired home. Apart from the main page the rest of the site adopts a white background. This allows the property and agent information displayed on the page(s) to be the obvious attraction and helps keep the consistent ease of usability throughout the website.

When the site is viewed on a smaller/mchrisjohnobile device it retains most of its original plus points, its usability, speed and design. It maintains all of this by adjusting the layout by reordering and resizing key areas on the site to be more touch screen friendly and manageable. Even the navigational buttons have been minimised into a touch friendly button in the top right of the display. This simple change alone makes for a much better experience when viewing the website from a small screen device.

Congratulations to both Chris John and Core for creating a functional and elegant website with accents of style that prioritises displaying information over flashiness.

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