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The Sky’s the Limit

Friday, April 10th, 2015

All You Need to Know About Drones

These days, a lot more estate agents are making use of aerial photographs and videos to market a property. It’s a nice idea and, of course it’s a lot of fun capturing those images. Who doesn’t want to play around with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle?

In fact, a few of our agents have already made the jump and purchased their own remote controlled UAV.


Often referred to as Drones, UAVs can make a listing stand out from other properties on portal websites. But before you rush off to buy one for commercial purposes, there are few considerations. For example, did you know that you would be required to be CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved and the UAV pilot must be fully trained and licenced? Still interested? Here are a few more pointers:

Battery Life: Most UAVs have a battery life of between 10-12 minutes, which fine for a quick flight but may leave you wanting for more. Make sure the UAV you select has a removable battery and stock up if needed.

Camera: Some Drones will come with in-built cameras that record onto an SD card and others will require you to have your own, so make sure you get one that meets your needs. Whilst being convenient, an in-built camera does not offer the same quality as an UAV fitted with a Go Pro or Digital SLR.

Steadying your shot will be difficult with mid-priced Drones, which generally do not come equipped with a gimbal.

Controlling your Drone: Controls for UAVs vary. Most consumer level UAVs will offer an App which will allow you to view real time flight footage and transmit the images from the camera to a linked Android or iPhone App. It’s worth noting that a live feed will drain your battery whilst it is being used in flight.


Not convinced?  Amazon is testing Drones as a delivery service.


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