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Broadband & Internal Connections

Keeping you informed of requirements

Broadband Connection

Check the following information for the minimum speed per user for best performance.

User Count Download Speed Upload Speed Latency
1 User 2 Mbps 0.2Mbps 100 ms

All broadband connections should be of business grade coupled with a commercial class broadband router / Ethernet switch (not a consumer home / SOHO router). 100 Mbps+ internal network to your broadband router to all your PCs.

Should you wish to use a wireless network for client machines we insist that this is of Commercial Class and not a consumer variant.

Internal Connection

Within your office you could have many different services running which utilise your office network as well as your broadband connection.

If you are using a VOIP service for communications then a seperate broadband connection is recommended for it’s sole use. If this is not possible, Quality Of Service (QOS) will need to be setup to reserve connection speed for certain services, ensuring enough bandwidth is reserved for each dezrez user.

We understand some customers use a proxy within their agency. Please implement the following exceptions: Download Worksheet.

Lastly, all computers and servers will require the following ports to be opened on your chosen software and/or hardware firewall:

  • UDP: 60
  • TCP: 100
  • TCP: 1433
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