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Have you heard? The election is coming!

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Fair enough, it does feel like it’s all around us. Every other programme on TV is dedicated to some sort of debate or opinion show.ballot_2940044k

Our industry is incredibly susceptible to any hint of uncertainty and an election is bloody big hit of uncertainty! House price growth slows; purchasers are that much more shy about going through with their transactions.

It’s funny when you think about it, people won’t stop needing houses. Demand still outstrips supply. That house you wanted two months ago is still going to be there after the election. Why worry, you could ask? The proverbial could hit the fan at any point whichever government is in power.

Having spoken to agents I know they feel they are having to work as hard as ever to ensure confidence remains high for both purchasers and sellers. Sales progressors are working with solicitors and conveyancers to ensure they keep pushing the sale and/or purchase in the right direction.

I’m sure you will agree, politicians in general announce some fantastical promise for the housing market; a policy to benefit first time buyers, or to build new homes, to tax properties over £2m, or a change the way stamp duty is calculated. They appear to do so without thinking how it affects an entire industry and everything is to be rolled out after the election, of course.

stamp-duty-crushes1Of course, I’m certainly over simplifying things. There are lots of promises being made by all parties that appear to benefit purchasers of any ilk. The ‘markets’ are forever reacting positively or negatively to news – just today the Zoopla group’s shares jumped 17% at the news of their purchase of USwitch. There’s an awful lot to be said for positivity.

It’s safe to say that a new government will bring changes; I doubt very much that they will be sweeping. Just different perhaps. The housing market will continue to both enthrall and anger the British public as it always has done. Most of them won’t quite understand just how much effort you and their conveyancer or solicitor have done to get that property bought or sold for them. The Daily Express will print positive price stories weekly – totally contradicting the Daily Mail. Same old, same old….

As it so happens, the election will coincide with the launch of a whole suite of new features in our new product Rezi, I am extremely excited about this – it marks a significant milestone in the life of our company. To be able to offer any agent, of any size, a product that crushes anything else available to them! It has felt like all hands on deck at times; designing, developing, releasing, feedback, developing releasing, testing, developing and launching! All of this whilst we continue to support our current product dezrezone; a product with more than 15 years of functionality and features. A product that more than holds its own in the market, alongside the very best support and customer service in the industry. A product and team I am extremely proud of.

210w-connectionYes, Rezi looks better, is more intuitive and easier to use than anything else. The really, really exciting bit is what’s underneath the hood. Its engine will allow you do to anything you want, I sound like a politician when I say that, but it’s not a BS promise, it’s literally the truth. Built as an open API you can do what you like with – ‘it allows a computer program to interact with anything else’ – so you can build that app you’ve always thought would be a great idea. API’s are changing the way software and the internet works. We are leading the way in our industry as we always have done.

When the election is over and it’s business as usual. Shake things up and take a look at Rezi.

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