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Interview: Freya Davies, Dezrez Head of Product

Monday, December 14th, 2015

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We talked to Head of Product for Dezrez, Freya Davies and asked her, ‘what direction is estate agency taking?’

“We’re starting to see the mind-set of estate agents changing. Rather than having a number of disparate solutions for different parts of the business they are starting to see the value in using software as a platform they can build on.  It’s less expensive to maintain, fluidly connects business disciplines and branches, and allows agencies the flexibility to quickly adapt to market changes.

I don’t think our customers were especially thinking of Software as a Service (SaaS) when they verbalised the need for a different type of software. But ultimately, SaaS can be moulded around their business needs instead of forcing them into building their operations around the software.

From a technical point of view, this requires a specific architecture and an open API so our customers can fluidly connect third party software from Rezi, in our case. That’s just the beginning of what Rezi can do. It’s more than a cloud based sales and lettings platform. In 2016 we’re going to launch Dezrez Enhance, which will allow estate agencies, regardless of size or unique challenge, to entirely customise what Rezi can do and how it works for them.

Together, Rezi and Dezrez Enhance have taken millions of pounds and man hours and has been years in the making. They will totally transform estate agents expectations of what software can do with them.  We’re using our extensive experience and partnerships within the estate agency market to provide an eco-system of add-ons, workflows and integrations so our customers have a bespoke solution at an affordable price.

You can only deliver such an ecosystem – designed to increase the power and value of software – with true SaaS and an extensive roadmap. Yes, it has taken time because the potential of where it can take estate agency is huge. And, to build an architecture that can deliver on this potential is complex but I believe, worth it.  Rezi is the difference between technology that can meet your needs today and a platform that will keep meeting your needs 10-15 years down the line.”

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