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Automated leads

Save time and reduce duplication

Automated Leads

When you have integrated your property portal into dezrez and become an official partner, the next step is to get the automated lead system developed into your systems.

The leads service allows you to post enquiries you receive from visitors on your website directly into dezrez, meaning no manual entry of details for the estate agent. One thing we know, agents love this feature!

All the above requires is the below XML/JSON (product specific) specification created so you can post the lead information directly into dezrez.

View the DezrezOne specification

It’s not just the estate agent who benefits, you benefit too from the following:

Lead source recorded from your portal name which cannot be changed (even by us).
Your Logo will be present against the contact card entered in our software so the agent can see the lead is from your website.
Lead reporting within our software will prove your website is delivering leads over other competition.
Provide the evidence that your membership fee generates leads.
View the Rezi specification

The Dezrez platform from a portal operators perspective is superb, it allows portals to setup agents feeds directly without the need to contact Dezrez

Aki Ellahi - DSS move

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