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Are You Ready For The Rezi Influx?

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Are you rezi for the influx?

1You’ve heard a lot about how each leading political party intends to inject vigor into the housing marketing, I’m sure! Likewise, as the leaders in cloud software for estate agents, we want to deliver our manifesto for dealing with the predicted housing influx. So we must ask, are you Rezi for it?

Rezi isn’t just being built to record the details of what you do, it’s there to make it all that much easier, efficient and remove the stress of managing multiple jobs. A few of the features we are working on will help you do just that…



Property Presentation Tool: Be confident and comfortable showing your stock

222From May 8th, we predict you’ll want to conserve your energy so that each and every client you meet gets the same first class service.  Wouldn’t it be great if you had a tool which works on any device and has been designed to show your properties in detail within an elegant interface? And, what if it allows the prospective buyer or tenant to browse and interact with your available stock (at their own freewill) without the need for you to be peering over their shoulder!? You guessed it, we have it!  Our applicant facing tool is password protected so that all the sensitive data is secure and allows the user to like, share and mail selected properties directly, and reports back, all the information to you!


Next please…

Sales Progression: Track your sales and have fun doing it

 What about the labour intensive job of managing the sales progress? Call, after call, after call… and that is just to leave three voicemails with the

3solicitor. Sales progression in Rezi has been split in three to give you the clearest, most effective way to manage sales. Build the chain. Check! Add, import and send out updates electronically without having to pick up the phone. Check! Just need an update, and don’t need a page full of buttons and options. Check! We weren’t sure if we were allowed to check three boxes on this polling card, but we have!


To-dos: Feel good about getting things done

Multi-tasking, to-do-ing and follow ups…they’re all taxing, but manda-tory! After campaign-ing our thoughts to many existing customers; we’ve built the most agile to-do system in estate agency history. Track your progress, form a coalition with colleagues, and never miss an opportunity to follow up the viewing or valuation. Quite simply, we’ve taken everything that needs to be done and placed it in one clear page so that you can focus on the getting the job done…

That’s just a taste of what we’re working on at the moment.  Every two weeks you can expect great new features from Rezi; speak to one of our sales people or account managers to find out more. Or, have a demo.

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