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Rezi on the road – Chris James

Monday, December 7th, 2015



Rezi; the only new years resolution you need.

You may be thinking that the best way to start 2016 would be to start drinking less coffee, have a last ditch attempt at quitting smoking or even a pledge to visit the gym (at least once!). They’re all very good for you, but what about making a change that balances those stress levels with the absence of caffeine, nicotine and energy?.. Make Rezi your New Years Resolution!

During November, whilst our Elfs have been wrapping up lots of features in time for Christmas, I’ve been travelling around in my sleigh to show more customers how Rezi changes everything. It allows records to be broken and limits to be “so 2015”. The major features of Rezi can be found on our brand new website; but what that won’t tell you is all of the minor changes we’ve made that stack up to mean a lot. Here are 12 ways that have already begun making a difference to our early adopters…

12. Drummers Drumming: When everybody is in the know, less mistakes are made; the internal chat system allows all the staff to communicate effectively so that you never miss a beat.

11. Pipers Piping: Marketing and media go together like pipers and pipes; Rezi enhances the way you display your properties with virtual tours, video walkthroughs and high resolution images now possible on all properties.

10. Lords a Leeping: You should never have more chiefs than indians; so in favour of the chiefs, delegating vendor updates, ring rounds, viewing feedback, valuation follow ups and any other task is a doddle.

9. Ladies Dancing: With dictation throughout the software (on a device with a microphone) the administrators won’t have to read your descriptive scribbles any more!

8. Maids a Milking: Get the most out of your data; with an abundance of filters and tools improve proactive tasks you’ll bank every drop possible.

7. Swans a Swimming: They’re untouchable and elegant; and you can be too. Use the new interactive features to dazzle your clients with matching property presentations.

6. Geese a Laying: On time, every time, like clockwork, your processes’ can be automated. The software works for you in the background to send matches, collect feedback and deliver reports.

5. Gold Rings: Marrying your applicants to properties isn’t as simple as black and white! Fuzzy matching thinks outside the box so you can consider the alternative properties close to their requirements.

4. Calling Birds: People these days have multiple email address’ and sometimes a couple of telephone numbers. You can now get hold of them by storing all their contact details on the card without having to dig through the notes.

3. French Hens: Is it Christophe or Christopher? No more limits on character fields!

2. Turtle Doves: More than two Vendors, Landlords, Tenants or Applicants? You can now have as many as you wish on just one ‘card’ so that you don’t need to manage multiple records to keep everybody in the picture.

1. Partridge in a Pear Tree: Branch out and get your work done wherever you are, don’t be tied to a desk! Rezi is fully mobile with 100% of the functionality out and about.

Want to know more? Get in touch at to see a demo and get one thing ticked off your Christmas shopping list before it’s too late!

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