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Rezi on the Road – with Chris James

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

Rezi on the road

The leaves are falling off the trees and it’s one last flurry of agency fees…

Following the busy summer that most of you reported, we now head into the slower and darker days (where photos are just that little bit more difficult to get right!) and the market inevitably has one last burst of activity before the winter months settle in. Looking at the Dezrez figures; lettings has had a very successful period and sales have beaten records set over the last few years. So what do you plan to do to celebrate?

Those of you that have read my previous posts, Rezi (the new software from Dezrez) has been rolling out to customers far and wide. Early adoption meant that the summer months were jam packed so I’ve been hard at work continuing to speak with customers about how they can come on board during Autumn and beyond. After several more visits during September many estate agents in Newcastle, Milton Keynes, London, Walton-on-Thames and Birmingham have found a solution to warm up their Winter by giving their staff and early Christmas P-Rezi.

If you’ve been considering what effects a new software can bring, let me shed some light…

Firstly, the hassle – we’ve formulated a process that eliminates disruption to your business by setting everything up in the background.

  • It takes about an hour to see a demo of Rezi. This can be done any time, and any place that suits you.
  • When you make the commitment to Rezi (£250 + VAT deposit) we organise for your brochures, window cards, letters, users and data* to be migrated over.
  • You can continue to use your existing software as normal whilst this is happening right up until Rezi is made live.
  • On the day Rezi goes live you have one day of training (10am – 4pm) any time, and any place that suits, allowing you to catch up before and after.
  • You’re good to go…
  • (data*) – another way we make the process as pain free as possible is by ensuring that we migrate all your existing data, so you don’t have to worry about laboriously re-entering anything.

So now you’re live; what effects do you begin to see?

  • Enthusiasm – Rezi has been designed to be easy to use, interactive, and helpful to both you and your customers. Existing users have seen staff much keener to pick up the phone when they have confidence in what they’re doing.
  • Clarity – Not only are the reports crystal clear, but the day to day information you collect and communicate is more accessible than ever before. Your customers will see a visible improvement on your insights.
  • Efficiency – Time is money. Rezi is so fast that it can save hours every week.  Each piece of functionality has been crafted in a way that responds just as quickly as you do.
  • Profitability – Notwithstanding the efficiency mentioned above, Rezi also genuinely helps valuers provide a more detailed and accurate valuation with presentation tools on the move that demonstrate your expertise in the market. Not only this but when it comes to selling and letting, Rezi is equipped with notifications and tools to decrease your fall through rate.

Hopefully you can see just some of the benefits… All it takes to explore them further is a conversation. You can contact me at

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