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Dezrez services

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Accelerate your business with real time data feeds

You still have time to compete with other estate agents who instantly upload properties and make live changes to listings. We can’t speak for everyone in the industry but all of our 20,000 agents opted to use the Rightmove Real Time Data Feed – they secure 70,000 leads a month. Other portals are already gearing up to launch their own real time feeds. So, in an environment where it is critical to get your listings in front of applicants before your competitors do, is now the time to consider which software provider will give you an advantage?
Monthly RM referrals


Additional portal partners

Drive referral rates

If Rightmove brings in on average 70,000 leads a month for our customers, imagine how many referrals they secure using one or more of our 70 other portal partners. We save them time too. All viewing, brochure or call back requests can be made directly from the portal and automatically logged in Dezrez software. Because we create strong relationships with our portal partners, our customers benefit from market leading initiatives before their competitors. In this instance, we transferred all of our customers onto real time data feeds for Rightmove well in advance of the deadline. Not only are our portal team massively experienced, they don’t charge for this service. Unlike some of our competitors.

Win quick advantage

We know customers want to hit the ground running. That’s why our data migration team work closely with you to clean your data and retain as much integrity as possible. Once on-boarded, we offer you training and a dedicated account manager who will help you to rapidly maximise the power of Dezrez software. Your portal needs will be managed from the start. Our advanced reconcile feature ensures the information you store in our software is always listed on Rightmove. Combine this with our customisable portal feeds and your properties will be presented in exactly the way you want so your brand presence remains strong. This year alone we’ve developed 600 customised feeds.
Properties migrated in 3 years 


Customisable portal feeds
We joined Dezrez because as time moves on, things change and the previous software providers could not offer the cross-office integration and ’real time’ functionality that Dezrez provides. Over 21 offices all sharing live property and people data is not an easy thing to accomplish.
We have a large number of Dezrez agents listing with us and to date, exactly zero have had any problems. Their software is rock solid, their support team has a terrific reputation, and agents are very pleased with the whole package offered. They deliver results!

Why settle for less than 100% customer commitment?

We are 100% committed to giving estate agents the very best products and customer service. It is why we have reinvested millions of pounds and man hours in our game changing platform so you can win new and repeat business without chasing your tail. With 110 experts dedicated to every client’s success we have the largest development team in the industry and employ more support staff than any other provider. Since 1999, we have put our customers’ needs at the heart of our organisation and maintained an open dialogue with them. This approach allows us to deliver innovations that make a real difference to the property business, and has resulted in over 1,000 agency brands and 20,000 professionals trusting us. Because our software allows agents to work more productively, connect branch networks more efficiently, and deploy business insight more effectively, 70% not only stay with us, they grow with us.

Key benefits of Rezi

Rezi is more than a database for you to process clients, appointments and properties in the cloud…

Innovative features

Data migration with history, fully mobile, full brochure editing, live diary/email sync, no duplication, connect branches, built in business processes, transparent agency reporting

Control and grow

Easy to use, built in automated processes and live property portal and website uploads, fully connected on any device, diary and email client at any time

Customer engagement

Personalised log in and quick registration, convert into a presentation tool with one clieck, automatically promote properties just outside of wishlists to broaden search

Contact us today

Find out how our software can help you to grow

Contact us today

Find out how our software can help you to grow

Key benefits of DezrezOne

A desktop product with mobile capability that is more than a contact management database with reporting functionality…

Rich features

A desktop, feature rich package with reporting functionality and mobile capability; produce particulars, run email/social media campaigns, advertise in local papers, websites, and property portals

Increase productivity

Structured approach helps you stay in control of a busy day, centralised system and time saving features help increase productivity, marketing assets simplified with single data entry

Drive new business

Customised reports and tools provide full control over business, sales progression and integrated conveyancing mean you don’t drop the ball, reporting tools enable commercial and cost controls

More than real time data feeds

Find out how 20,000 estate agents are thriving with our software