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SaaS Products are not all the Same

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

SaaS Products are not all the Sameweb

Standalone software starts with the door closed to potential opportunities, whilst a platform starts with it open…

Salesforce is rightly considered the darling of the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. They may not have been the first, but they are probably the most well-known example. I want to highlight them to as they are the perfect example of why it’s important to get under the skin of a company that sells themselves as SaaS. The reason I have chosen them is that Salesforce no longer consider themselves as selling software as a service, but instead pride themselves on providing a platform! Read more here


download (1)What does this mean to you and why is it important?

Whilst the Salesforce platform has allowed them to build a successful software product, it is the fact that this software product accounts for less than 50% of the transactions that occur through their platform that is important. The majority of the work carried out on the platform comes from other “connected” non-salesforce CRM applications that their customers use. Their customers can link together applications, allowing them to use the right tool for the job, seamlessly share information and ultimately gain advantages over competitors who use disparate, ad-hoc tools.


How does this work in practice?

Imagine being able to use the diary on your iPhone, or the contacts list in your gmail account without wondering whether the information is up to date in your Estate Agent Software package.
The difference between using a platform, like the ones provided by Salesforce and the Rezi system, rather than a single software product is that the platform is open, allowing interaction to any other open system. A software product is inherently closed and needs a dedicated doorway to be created for each individual system you want to interact with.

ReziWhilst I can’t predict the future, I know that the platform Rezi is built on is open, so that it will be able to interact and integrate with any future open system that may appear. In fact, right now the technically minded amongst you can see how this would be achieved via our API documentation. Ask to see the equivalent for the standalone software and they won’t be able to show you! They will need to wait, examine the future requirements and if commercially viable, spend time hand-coding a dedicated integration.  Standalone software starts with the door closed to potential opportunities, whilst a platform starts with it open. Choose a platform that allows you to integrate with who you choose, not who the software allows you to!

When we chose to invest the extra effort and time to create an underlying platform for Rezi, we did so after looking at how the most successful internet companies approach building software. It’s not just Salesforce… Twitter and Google build their products on a platform too. Make sure you invest in a platform, not just a piece of software!

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