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Streamlining your estate agency process

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

streamlining your business

Streamlining Your Estate Agency Processes

  • A 25% reduction in the total number of tasks relating to offer management
  • A 40% decrease in the number of manual tasks associated with this process
  • A three fold increase in the number of tasks supported by Rezi
  • A reduction in the total number of tasks relating to listing a property
  • A 60% decrease in the number of manual tasks associated with this process
  • A four fold increase in the number of tasks supported by Rezi

Rezi may be a powerful piece of software, but its real strength comes from our people. In order to ensure that your business gets the most out of your investment in technology, one of our experts will spend time in your office learning how you operate.

Once we have analysed your current process, we use our knowledge of Rezi (as well as other technologies) to help develop a streamlined and more efficient workflow. Every business operates differently, and this tailored approach allows us to develop specific processes to fit your unique requirements, whatever they might be.

We take the time to highlight any changes that might affect your staff and we use this to improve adoption so that you make the most of your investment in Rezi. To illustrate this, let’s take a look at how Rezi would improve two common workflows, offer management and listing a property.

Offer Management

This is arguably one of the more tense stages of buying or selling a property. Vendors and buyers both wait anxiously to see what the other will do and any delays in the process feel like an eternity.

As an agent, you might want to spend more time calming nerves, but your attention must remain focused on moving things along. Luckily, Rezi is here to help you streamline the process so you can keep providing excellent customer service.

offer management estate agent reziThe Typical Offer Management Process

From the MiP to the Mos, there’s a lot to do during this phase, and most of it must be done manually. As soon as an offer is made, the agent must complete the offer form, record it, place it on file, and then contact the vendor.

Depending on the system in place, this could mean extra steps as one element in a database must be recorded in another, adding more time to the process that would be better spent elsewhere.

 If an offer is rejected, the agent must record that information in their system and then alert the buyer. If it is accepted, an offer letter must be generated and a financial services advisor may be required. The agent must then arrange for a meeting with such an advisor, ensure that the buyer attends that meeting, and then record the Mortgage in Principle in their system.

From there, Proof of Deposit must be recorded, solicitor information must be obtained and exchanged, and then recorded. Once all of that has been done, the Memorandum of Sale can be created. A quick Google search will reveal how often this part of the process alone is enough to spook would-be buyers. Creating a new MoS every time is a lengthy and time consuming task that does little to calm prospective buyers.

offer management rezi estate agent softwareOffer Management Process with Rezi

Because Rezi acts as a kind of central hub for your estate agency, it can take advantage of that position to streamline and automate several of the tasks associated with managing offers.

For example, when an offer comes in, Rezi can help complete the offer from and record it as well. Once the agent has contacted the vendor, Rezi can record a rejected offer in its central database. If the offer is accepted and financial services are required, Rezi can track that information.

It is important for customers to be able to monitor the number of such referrals, which Rezi can track for you. Rezi can even generate the offer letter automatically, helping speed the process along.

If financial services are required, Rezi can contact the applicant and arrange an appointment. After that meeting, it can place the MiP against the applicant in its database, as well as consolidate the PoD and solicitors’ details in this centralised location.

Taking all of this information, Rezi can then substantially complete the MoS, leaving only a few wording edits to worry about rather than starting from scratch every time.

We call this “one version of the truth.” Because Rezi consolidates all of this data in one place, changing or editing information takes only a fraction of the time. Since any changes are updated instantly across Rezi’s entire database with the click of a button, the sales progression keeps flowing smoothly without having to stop and check that all the little details are still correct.

The end result

Our professional services team achieved the following with one of our clients:

  • A 25% reduction in the total number of tasks relating to offer management
  • A 40% decrease in the number of manual tasks associated with this process
  • A three fold increase in the number of tasks supported by Rezi


Listing a Property

From the moment you receive the OTM call, you are in a race against time. Vendors may not understand what goes on behind the scenes, but they understand that the faster things seem to be moving, the better. On one hand, an agent who takes too long to move through the process risks losing that vendor to another agency.

On the other hand, the process must move swiftly but also not be rushed. After all, you don’t want to mess up your description of the property and run into problems with the CPR. You need to be fast but careful. Rezi’s technology can help.

By streamlining the more tedious parts of this process, you are free to concentrate on the details while letting the vendor know that you are already hard at work for them, even before their property is live on the portals.

listing a property rezi as is estate agentThe Current Way of Doing things.

Once you receive the OTM call, you need to order the EPC, diarise the new instruction, change the status and create a new instruction, and then generate the POM letter including information on the instruction visit.

Once you have carried out the instruction visit, there are photos to be taken, paperwork to be signed (including T’s and C’s), and finally create hard copies of all relevant documents. From there, it’s more paperwork, including the PIQ, CPR, FAQ, and IDs. You’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re going to run out of letters in the alphabet before you run out of paperwork.

Once you’ve received IDs, you need to send that info to Call Credit, and while you’re waiting on that, download and edit photos of the property. After that, you need to copy those details to your hard drive, including price range, matching criteria, fee information, etc. then when you receive the EPC and the floor plan back, you’ll need to generate an EPC specifically for the portals and then start work on the brochure. For that, you will have to copy over all of the photos, details, and any other relevant info so you can send it to the valuer to be checked.

If you got it all correct and didn’t miss anything, you can then send it to the vendor so they can sign off on it and then print off a hard copy of the Value Certificate so you can send that off and have it signed.

Assuming the property check is complete and no changes are needed, you’ll have to order some brochures, create a PDF of the brochure, Oh, and then create another version for the web so it can be uploaded to the portals. If you’ve done all that, you deserve a reward because, honestly, just typing out the process was enough to make me tired.

listing a property consultancy estate agentHow it Could be with Rezi.

Did many of those steps seem redundant? Why should you have to enter the same details over and over?

Rezi removes the need for this because everything goes right into its database, giving you ready access to it and even performing some of the steps for you. For example, once you’ve gotten the OTM call and you’ve entered the new instruction into Rezi, it can generate the POM letter automatically, including details on the instruction visit.

After the instruction visit is completed and the paperwork has been signed, those details, along with the photos go straight into Rezi’s database. This means that it can complete the remaining paperwork for you, including the PIQ, CPR, etc., etc.

Once you’ve sent off the IDs to be checked, you no longer have to download the photos from somewhere else and make sure you don’t forget anything because all of the documentation relevant to the property is already saved in Rezi. And once you receive the EPC and floor plan back, that goes straight into Rezi as well, along with details regarding price range, matching criteria, bedrooms, locations, etc.

Since you can create the brochure directly inside Rezi, you don’t have to waste time collating all of the information from different places. It’s all right where you need it, making the brochure a snap to create. You can then send it straight from Rezi to the valuer so they can check the details and once the property check is complete, Rezi will automatically send it to the vendor so they can approve it along with a Validation Certificate and EPC.

Once that’s done, you are ready to upload the brochure straight to the portals. No need to generate different versions for print and web because Rezi has it all on one place and can generate any type you need instantly.

The end result

Our professional services team achieved the following with one of our clients:

  • A reduction in the total number of tasks relating to listing a property
  • A 60% decrease in the number of manual tasks associated with this process
  • A four fold increase in the number of tasks supported by Rezi

As you can see, Rezi is designed to help your business grow by giving you more time to focus on the customer rather than paperwork. By keeping all of the details in one place, not only do you maintain “one version of the truth”, but anything you need is just a click away, speeding the process along and streamlining your business.

Things move fast these days, and Rezi helps you keep up with that rapid pace by bringing customers the service they expect at speeds they demand.

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