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Website of the month June 2016

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Vital space dezrezThis month’s site of the month is

The Site instantly gives you the feeling of professionalism and quality. The strong brand orange and purple accent navigation buttons and clickable links throughout.

It is easy to navigate and uses its spaces efficiently to provide information about the Agency and what they offer. The page menus are quick and clean and advertise Featured properties alongside the menu options.

To search for properties an address box with “to buy” or “to let” options are shown on the main pages to filter through their property catalogue and refine the number of returned properties. The layout of the results is shown as a grid and shows a quick overview of the properties, each section shows 3 pictures of the property along with room details to help the users make a quick decision on if the property is for them.

The full details pages for the properties offer all the information anybody would need and sections them into their own tabs so not to overload the page with information, this keeps the page looking sleek and organised and always offers the other hidden information in clickable button tabs for quick switching. The site uses impressive animations to simulate the switching of the information on the page and uses lashings of the brands colours on each tab to keep the theme of the website consistent and interesting.

The website is responsive and works on all devices, it does this by adjusting the layout of its sections to better suit the size of display it is being used on, this is a must have for any website, if your website isn’t responsive your likely missing out on large numbers of views or your website isn’t a good experience for your users on smartphones.

The website has been designed to clearly use colour and style throughout without overdoing it and this shines through as you never really feel lost or confused as to where you should be clicking/tapping or reading. Professionally shot images are scattered throughout and break up large sections of text, they make the pages much more interesting to view and really promote the Agency as trustworthy and hardworking for their customers.

Overall the Vitalspace website is well designed, optimised, clean and professional and emphasises a strong brand awareness and customer focus.

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