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Website of The Year 2016

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

website redmove dezrez

The website of the year for 2016 is

This is a true example of a modern, brand driven website. The branded red is used throughout to highlight important features and accent selected options. Using a minimal colour palette can be risky as the branded colour can often look garish if the correct combinations are not used. The designers of this website have side-stepped this potential pitfall by softening the branded red with white, greys and transparent borders, with great effect.

It has the usual characteristics you would expect from a well-designed website such as a fluid menu system, a permanent call to action, well organized content and easy to use search function.

The search results page does not feel cluttered, as can happen with many websites and the ability to switch the map feature in and out is a nice touch. As is the way the street view is integrated into the map search feature.

The main property page is also well designed with a sub menu to remove any potential clutter from the page and another call to action for booking a viewing, making an offer or calling the branch. The best part about the property page is the use of high quality images on the properties we viewed. Often having such high quality images will have a detrimental effect on the load time but we experienced no such issues and the images really promote the qualities of the properties that are listed.

All too often websites can get in their own way by trying to be too complicated. Whilst a lot of work has clearly gone into this website the designers of it just make it look easy. You do not feel frustrated wading through pages upon pages of information or waiting for pages/pictures to load.

Redmove obviously have a clear brand vision in mind and have effectively communicated this to a very talented web design team.

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